Hermits Table Tennis Club, Bradford

Hermits Table Tennis Club

22a Kingsway, Wrose, Bradford, BD2 1PN
Hermits Table Tennis Club, Bradford

Hermits is open for bookings.
See the Noticeboard and Bookings pages.

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(with Contact phone numbers, Home nights and Rooms)

Hermits A (Tue, mid)
Richard Aitken (07817 489889)
Ben Fillingham
Matthew Shaw
Sam Clayton
Stephen Brailsford

Hermits B (Wed, mid)
Paul McReith (07941 570056)
Andy Braithwaite
Greg Hill
Tony McGowan

Hermits C (Mon, end)
Peter Holbrook (07773 775379)
Andrew Rawnsley
Isaac Barber
Shamir Bose
Steve Rutherford
Tony Lascelles

Hermits D (Tue, mid)
Tom Sampson (07932 859890)
George Bak
Glen Ellis
Peter Eccles

Hermits E (Wed, end)
Kathryn Manogue (07809 125574)
Azim Afzal
Tim Moran

Hermits F (Wed, 1st)
Les Packer (01132 550500)
Martin Jackson
Steve Morris
Terry Haliday

Hermits G (Tue, end)
Chris Town (01274 686504)
Anthony Burrow
Burhaan Saghir
David Campbell
Mike Butler
Norman Swift

Hermits H (Mon, 1st)
Michael Raine (01274 405138)
Fazal Hussain
George Raine
Stewart Varley
William Powell

Hermits I (Mon, 1st)
Stuart Stead (01274 772512)
John Margerison
Paul Rook

Hermits J (Mon, mid)
John Rawnsley (01274 411438)
Brian Cooper
Helen Thomas
Peter Clark
Phil Craven
Yasmin Haq

Hermits K (Thu, 1st)
Ansar Javed (07816 831752)
Akeel Hussain
Imran Hafeez

Armin Augustin
Bill Danson
Callum Ward
Carol Matthews
Christopher Ward
David Reed
David Scourfield
Eric Rhodes
Irfan Hussain
June Scourfield
Nadiri Basharan
Peter Holroyd
Sid Ulph

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Table tennis in Bradford


Painter and Decorator
(Tony Lupton)
07949 127189

MDR Security
home security
(Mick Raine)
07832 381170

Kosmo Carpets
home carpeting
(Mick Kosmowsky)
01132 505805

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