Hermits Table Tennis Club, Bradford

Hermits Table Tennis Club

22a Kingsway, Wrose, Bradford, BD2 1PN
Hermits Table Tennis Club, Bradford

Hermits is open for bookings.
See the Noticeboard and Bookings pages.

Members' Noticeboard

Hermits is open again but with new rules

Hermits is now open for table tennis, but the way to use it is different in the following ways.

  • Sessions for using the club must be *booked in advance. Members can no longer just go and play without having booked.
  • Each room has a signing-in/out sheet which must be filled in by everyone in the room, for both traceability should an infection be discovered, and for TTE registration.
  • Each room can have a maximum of 6 people in it.
  • The person who books the session is responsible for ensuring that the number of people in the room is 6 or below, that those who are there all sign in and out, and that everyone in the room maintains 2m social distancing.

*Click Bookings in the left column (drop-down menu if you are on a small screen) for details about booking rooms.

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Risk assessment

Defibrillator at Hermits

A defibrillator is mounted on the wall in the middle room. To familiarise yourself on how to use one, check out the British Heart Foundation website. Also here. And here's the training video.

Table tennis in Bradford


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