Hermits Table Tennis Club, Bradford

Hermits Table Tennis Club

22a Kingsway, Wrose, Bradford, BD2 1PN
Hermits Table Tennis Club, Bradford

News from the Hermitage

Hermits successes at the Bradford Closed Championships
18/01/2020 (20)

Hermits players won 4 of the 6 events at this year's Bradford Closed Championships, and we had the runner up in another.

Richard Aitken was runner-up in the Individual Championship after leading 9-7 in the final game, but he made up for that narrow defeat by winning the Vets event.

Together with Ivan Lewis, who won the Individual, Richard Aitken won the Doubles Championship.

Anthony Burrow won the *Banded event, and Peter Holbrook won the Handicap event.

The only event that didn't have a Hermits player in the final was the Consolation event, which is played between the 2nd place finishers in the Individual Championship's group stage.

*The Banded event was played between the 3rd and 4th place finishers in the group stage of the Individual Championship.

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