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News from the Hermitage

TTE 'Ping Pong Parlor' in Bradford
September 2018
On October 1st a TTE 'Ping Pong Parlor' will be opening in a currently empty shopping unit in the Kirkgate Shopping Centre. It will last until November 10th, although it could continue for a while after that. There will be tables for anyone to play on. Ping Pong Parlours are aimed at introducing people to table tennis, and perhaps reawakening interest. If you're in town, you might want to have a look in, and maybe even help someone with playing.

Hello to Canada (and the rest of the world)
27th July 2018
I am reliably informed that people in other parts of the world, specifically Canada, keep up to date with what's going on at Hermits through this website. I wasn't given the name of the lady in Canada, but you know who you are, so hello to you from all at Hermits :)

Summer League 2018 Completed
July 2018
This year's Summer League went down to the wire with the 'D' team (Chris Town, Mike Butler, Mick Raine, Burhaan Saghir) coming out on top. With only the last week's scheduled matches, and a catch-up match, left to be played, any of three teams (A, C, and D) could have won it. The A team dropped out of the running having lost their final match to the C team, which left it between the C and D teams. The D team needed a win or draw against the A team to avoid a play-off with the C team. They managed a narrow win, and are the 2018 Summer League Champions.

Hermits players' successes in 2018
June 2018
At the 2018 Bradford AGM, Hermits players were presented with the following awards:-
Tony McGowan - L. E. Forrest Memorial Annual Senior Award.
Burhaan Saghir - Junior Of The Year award.
Zarnab Jamal - Ladies Champion (Bradford Closed Championships)

Division 3 Champions. The Hermits E team were runaway winners of Division 3. Mohammed Murtaza, Azim Afzal, Stuart Beaumont and Mohammed Mukhtar Khan ended the season a massive 38 points clear of second place team, Hermits G.

Summer League 2018
May 5th 2018
The 2018 Summer League is ready to go and will start in the week commencing 14th May. The fixtures are up in the Summer League part of this site.
April 17th 2018
The 2018 Summer League will soon get underway. Again, we are opening it to non-Hermits teams. I will be soon getting in touch with usual Hermits people. If any Hermits and non-Hermits players and/or teams would like to play in it, please call me (Phil Craven) on 01274 780469.

Train to be a table tennis coach
September 2017
The Bradford League needs more qualified coaches to coach players at all levels, but especially the new players who are coming into the game. The Bradford League will pay the cost of the UKCC Level 1 coaching course for any player from any club, who would like to become a qualified coach and help to improve the levels of table tennis in Bradford. If you are interested, contact Chris Town on 01274 686504.

Juniors to the fore!
August 2017
New players continue to come to the club, and more are welcome. The ever growing juniors coaching sessions are producing excellent results, with juniors frequently being presented with Table Tennis England's 'bronze', 'silver' and 'gold' certificates of achievement.

As a result, a juniors team was this year entered into the Hermits Summer League (a handicap league), and they held up very well indeed, winning two matches and drawing another, all against league players! It is hoped that many or all of them will carry on to become league players. In fact, one of them will be joining one of our Bradford League teams in the coming 2017/18 season, and more will undoubtedly follow in the not too distant future.

Yet another 2017 award for Hermits
The Emile Segard Trophy was this year awarded to The Hermits Table Tennis Club. The award is presented to the club that has been judged to have been the most impressive in the preceding year. Well done Hermits!

Summer League 2017: completed
Congratulations to the C team (Chris Town and Mick Rain, assisted by Tony Lupton, Eric Rhodes, Joe Healey and Mike Butler) who became the 2017 Summer League Champions when, due to injuries, the D team (Les Packer et al) couldn't put a suitable team together for the final match, which had been postponed from week #1.

In the event of the Bradford League not running a Summer League again next year, we will do it all again in 2018.

Hermits AGM 2017
The 2017 AGM will be held on Wednesday 26th July, starting at 8 p.m.

Hermits members bag two Bradford League awards in 2017
At the 2017 AGM, the Frank Briggs Clubman Of The Year award was presented to Steve Morris in recognition of his work in keeping the Bradford League well oiled (not drunk ;) ) and running smoothly. The L. E. Forrest Memorial Annual Senior Award was presented to Phil Craven in recognition of him running a Summer League for the two years in which there were not enough entries for the Bradford League to run one.

Summer League 2017 open to non-Hermits teams
The Summer League is now underway and closed to new teams.
Again the Bradford League will not be running the traditional Summer League this year, so we will be running our own again. This time we are opening it to other clubs that may have wanted to enter teams into the League's Summer League. Preparations are underway, and it will begin when all the entries are finalised. It will be completed by the end of July, in time for the August holiday period. Ongoing information can be found here.

Hermits Players win Keighley's top division
A team of Hermits players (Paul McKreith, Shamir Bose, Zarnab Jamal and Fazal Hussain) won Division 1 of the Keighley Table Tennis League's 2016/17 season. Shamir Bose went even further by topping the averages!

Hermits G - 2016/17 Division 3 Winners
Hermits G team (Les Packer, Martin Jackson, Terry Haliday, assisted by Azim Afzal) won the Bradford League's 3rd division quite comprehensively, with 18 wins out of 21 matches, leaving them 17 points clear at the end of the season.

Summer League 2016: completed
The F team (Joe Healey, Mike Butler and Phil Craven) won the Hermits Summer League by an extremely fine margin. For some time it had looked as though the F and D teams would finish equal top and need a play-off to decide the winner. In the final week the F team won their last match, leaving the D team to win theirs and force a play-off, but they lost to the E team by a tiny 2 points (521 to 519), and the F team became the inaugural Hermits Summer League Champions.

From left to right: Joe healey, Mike Butler, Phil Craven.

It is hoped that the Bradford League will return to running a Summer League next year but, if it doesn't happen, we will run our own again, and, if we use handicaps again, they will be up to date. The handicaps used this year were the newest available, but were a year out of date, which, in some cases, made a significant difference.

Clubman Of The Year 2016 Winner!
The 2016 'Frank Briggs Clubman Of The Year' trophy was this year awarded to Hermit's own Gordon Tilbrook, who has been a member of Hermits for about 40 years, and has played league table tennis throughout, winning a number of trophies along the way. The Frank Briggs trophy is voted on by all the Bradford Table Tennis League clubs.

Gordon Tilbrook receiving the Clubman Of The Year trophy at Hermits.
From left to right: Chris Town, Dorothy Tilbrook, Gordon Tilbrook.

2016 Summer League
Because too few teams from other clubs were entered into the Bradford Table Tennis League's Summer League this year, The Bradford League is not running its usual Summer League. In place of it, we are running our own internal Summer League, with 6 teams in an all-play-all twice league. The league gets underway during the week commencing Monday 23rd May. Full details, fixtures, results, and table.

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