Hermits Table Tennis Club, Bradford

Hermits Table Tennis Club

22a Kingsway, Wrose, Bradford, BD2 1PN
Hermits Table Tennis Club, Bradford


As of Wednesday 13th May, we are no longer required to 'stay home'. We are allowed to leave home as much as we like but we must 'stay alert' and maintain social distancing. Government clarification of the new rule is that we can meet non-household people, one person at a time, as long as it is outdoors.

Unfortunately, it means that the Hermits premises must remain CLOSED for table tennis.

Hermits Summer League 2020

Expected to start in the middle of May

Coronavirus effect: This year's Summer League will not now start in the middle of May. A short league later in the summer might be a possibility, but it will depend on how the coronavirus situation developes.

The 2020 Hermits Summer League is open to all Hermits members and to teams and individuals of other clubs. Teams of other clubs can play either at Hermits or at their own facilities. Individuals can be put together to form teams, again playing either at Hermits or at other facilities.

Because there are wide differences in playing abilities, we use the knockout cups format as detailed below.

Teams and individuals who would like to play in the Hermits 2020 Summer League, please contact Phil Craven (01274 780469).


All-play-all 2 or 3 times, depending on the number of teams.

As there is a great disparity between playing abilites in the Summer League teams, to make it competitive for all, matches are played like the Theobold Cup:-

Substitutes can play above or below their own teams, as the handicaps balance it out.

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