Hermits Table Tennis Club, Bradford

Hermits Table Tennis Club

22a Kingsway, Wrose, Bradford, BD2 1PN
Hermits Table Tennis Club, Bradford

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions,
Hermits is closed until further notice

Hermits Summer League 2016


Match night


AThursday Glen Ellis07533 749451  
BThursday Mick Kosmowsky01132 505805  
CTuesday Tom Sampson07932 859890,Steve Morris07846 532002
DTuesday Chris Town01274 686504  
EWednesday Les Packer01132 550500  
FTuesday Phil Craven01274 780469  

Fixtures and Results

Week commencing 23rd May
Tue 24thD v FF +100
Tue 24thC v AC +57
Wed 25thE v BB +19

Week commencing 30th May
Tue 31stC v EE +42
Thu 2ndB v DD +47
Thu 2ndA v FF +49

Week commencing 6th June
Tue 7thD v AD +485
Tue 7thF v EF +33
Thu 9thB v CC +18

Week commencing 13th June
Tue 14thC v DD +73
Tue 14thF v BF +56
Wed 15thE v A-

Week commencing 20th June
Tue 21stD v ED +19
Tue 21stC v FF +73
Thu 23rdA v BB +7

Week commencing 27th June
Tue 28thF v DD +11
Thu 30thB v EE +11
Thu 30thA v C-

Week commencing 4th July
Tue 5thD v BD +60
Tue 5thF v AF +705
Wed 6thE v CE +9

Week commencing 11th July
Tue 12thC v BB +55
Wed 13thE v FF +28
Thu 14thA v DD +9

Week commencing 18th July
Tue 19thD v CD +60
Thu 21stA v EE +705
Thu 21stB v FF +98

Week commencing 25th July
Tue 26thF v CF +52
Wed 27thE v DE +2
Thu 28thB v A-


Team Pld W D L Pts

Because there have been some huge points differences scored that have not been due to actual play, it has been decided that, should more than one team top the league at the end of the season, the winning team will be decided as follows:-

2 teams tying
The two teams will play a play-off match to decide the winner.

More than 2 teams tying
The winner will be decided according to the results between the tying teams. If that doesn't provide an outright winner, then the cumulative points differences between the tying teams, in the matches in which they played each other, will decide it.

Table tennis in Bradford


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