Hermits Table Tennis Club, Bradford

Hermits Table Tennis Club

22a Kingsway, Wrose, Bradford, BD2 1PN
Hermits Table Tennis Club, Bradford

Hermits Venue League Fixtures

These are the scheduled league matches to be played at the Hermits venue. Hermits can support 3 matches each night, but don't assume that an apparently available room is actually available. Catch-up and Cup matches are often booked into available rooms, so check with Phil Craven (01274 780469) if you need an available room on a particular date. Don't just turn up or you may not be able to play.

Mon 9thHermits I  vs  Hermits K[1st]
Mon 9thHermits C  vs  Baildon A[end]
Tue 10thHermits G  vs  Baildon B[end]
Tue 10thHermits D  vs  Hermits E[mid]
Tue 10thHermits A  vs  Highdale A[mid]
Wed 11thHermits F  vs  Pudsey C[1st]
Wed 11thHermits B  vs  Pudsey B[mid]
Mon 23rdHermits I  vs  Hermits J[1st]
Mon 23rdHermits C  vs  Unity B[end]
Tue 24thHermits A  vs  Dewsbury Tog[mid]
Wed 25thHermits F  vs  Baildon B[1st]
Wed 25thHermits E  vs  Hermits G[end]
Wed 25thHermits B  vs  Highdale B[mid]
Thu 26thFastbats  vs  Pudsey A[end]
Thu 26thHermits K  vs  Thornbury B[1st]
Mon 30thHermits J  vs  Hermits K[mid]
Mon 30thHermits H  vs  Hermits E[1st]
Tue 31stHermits G  vs  Raistrick[end]
Tue 31stHermits D  vs  Hermits F[mid]
Tue 31stHermits A  vs  Yeadon C[mid]
Wed 1stYeadon B  vs  Unity A[mid]
Wed 1stHighdale A  vs  Yeadon A[end]
Thu 2ndHighdale B  vs  Pudsey B[mid]

Mon 6thHermits H  vs  Baildon B[1st]
Mon 6thHermits I  vs  Thornbury A[1st]
Tue 7thHermits A  vs  Heckmondwike[mid]
Wed 8thHermits F  vs  Hermits G[1st]
Wed 8thHermits B  vs  Pudsey A[mid]
Wed 8thHermits E  vs  Raistrick[end]
Thu 9thFastbats  vs  Hermits C[end]
Thu 9thHermits K  vs  Baildon C[1st]
Mon 20thNemesis  vs  Oakbank B[end]
Mon 20thHermits J  vs  Unity C[mid]
Mon 20thHermits C  vs  Hermits B[end]
Tue 21stHermits G  vs  Pudsey C[end]
Tue 21stHermits A  vs  Yeadon B[mid]
Tue 21stHermits D  vs  Hermits H[mid]
Wed 22ndHighdale A  vs  Yeadon C[end]
Thu 23rdHighdale B  vs  Fastbats[mid]
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