Hermits Table Tennis Club, Bradford

Hermits Table Tennis Club

22a Kingsway, Wrose, Bradford, BD2 1PN
Hermits Table Tennis Club, Bradford

Hermits Teams League Fixtures

( home and away )

Mon 9thHermits I  vs  Hermits K
Mon 9thHermits C  vs  Baildon A
Tue 10thHermits G  vs  Baildon B
Tue 10thHermits D  vs  Hermits E
Tue 10thHermits A  vs  Highdale A
Wed 11thHermits F  vs  Pudsey C
Wed 11thHermits B  vs  Pudsey B
Wed 11thRaistrick  vs  Hermits H
Thu 12thThornbury A  vs  Hermits J
Mon 23rdHermits I  vs  Hermits J
Mon 23rdPudsey C  vs  Hermits H
Mon 23rdHermits C  vs  Unity B
Tue 24thHermits A  vs  Dewsbury Tog
Wed 25thHermits F  vs  Baildon B
Wed 25thHermits E  vs  Hermits G
Wed 25thHermits B  vs  Highdale B
Wed 25thRaistrick  vs  Hermits D
Thu 26thHermits K  vs  Thornbury B
Mon 30thHermits J  vs  Hermits K
Mon 30thBaildon C  vs  Hermits I
Mon 30thPudsey A  vs  Hermits C
Mon 30thHermits H  vs  Hermits E
Tue 31stHermits G  vs  Raistrick
Tue 31stHermits D  vs  Hermits F
Tue 31stUnity B  vs  Hermits B
Tue 31stHermits A  vs  Yeadon C

Mon 6thHermits H  vs  Baildon B
Mon 6thHermits I  vs  Thornbury A
Mon 6thPudsey C  vs  Hermits D
Tue 7thHermits A  vs  Heckmondwike
Tue 7thThornbury B  vs  Hermits J
Wed 8thHermits F  vs  Hermits G
Wed 8thHermits B  vs  Pudsey A
Wed 8thHermits E  vs  Raistrick
Thu 9thFastbats  vs  Hermits C
Thu 9thHermits K  vs  Baildon C
Mon 20thHermits J  vs  Unity C
Mon 20thHermits C  vs  Hermits B
Tue 21stHermits G  vs  Pudsey C
Tue 21stHermits A  vs  Yeadon B
Tue 21stHermits D  vs  Hermits H
Tue 21stBaildon D  vs  Hermits I
Wed 22ndRaistrick  vs  Hermits F
Wed 22ndBaildon B  vs  Hermits E
Thu 23rdThornbury A  vs  Hermits K
Table tennis in Bradford


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